Superheat Heat Treatment

Responsiveness Saves Chevron El Segundo Time and Money During Immediate Call Out Services


Our vision at Superheat is to remain the industry’s leading on-site heat treatment service provider. We have pioneered and revolutionized industrial on-site heat treatment by integrating emerging communication technology and equipment advancements with unique and innovative software solutions to provide a patented Superheat SmartWay service that consistently exceeds expectations. Congruently, our highly trained and qualified employees have dedicated themselves to operational excellence and are committed to providing the highest quality products and customer service.

Our dedication to excellence recently paid dividends for Chevron El Segundo Refinery who required immediate line thaw and other applicable onsite heat treatment services. By committing to technology and investing in personnel our patented process effectively reduced costs, saved time, minimized risk, and improved quality for all disciplines and at each stage of the project.

Scope & Schedule

To meet Chevron’s immediate Coker line thaw needs Superheat’s regional management support, coupled with the lowest footprint Superheat SmartPoint CN12 & CN24 consoles on the market, mobilized over 120+ consoles in a highly responsive manner. Based on an average daily console power use it was calculated that a staggering 4,000 kW was required to fulfill necessary heat treatment applications. As the demand for heat treatment fluctuated Superheat’s pre-project planning and ongoing collaboration with Chevron engineers and management ensured optimal efficiencies in equipment and manpower. This included 40 directly employed Superheat field technicians who shifted between day & night crews as required. Superheat was proud to source its skilled labour force locally within El Segundo and the surrounding communities, ensuring everyone returned home safely, as 0 incidents occurred during the outage. A comprehensive overview of the project approximate scope can be seen below:

Equipment FT.
Superheat SmartPoint


Heaters Area
E-540 (Fin Fan) w/ Piping   4 x CN24s 288 400 sq/ft
E-540 Header Boxes   2 x CN24s 48 80 sq/ft
E-540 10″ Piping 150 8 x CN24s 192  
P503A 4″ Piping 180 8 x CN12s 96  
P503A 8″ Down Stream 300 6 x CN 24s
2 x CN12s
C Furnace Piping 1st time with crossover 190 8 x CN12s 96  
B Furnace piping 160 4 x CN12s 96  
A Furnace piping 35 2 x CN12s 24  
P501B Pump case   4 x CN12s 50 50 sq/ft
P501B 8″ 150 6 x CN12s 288  
P501B 20″ 150 12 x CN12s 576  
LC 405 80 8 x CN12s 384  
E-535 12″ 525 22 x CN12s 384  
Furnaces (UNIT)
Equipment FT.
Superheat SmartPoint


Heaters PWHT Cycles
B Furnance   6 x CN12s   102
C Furnance   6 x CN12s   157
Shultz Laydown
Temp Furnaces by Shultz Lay down yard   5 x CN12s  

The Superheat SmartWay Solution

“Advancing Heat Treatment isn’t simply a catchy tagline for Superheat, our success at Chevron is an additional testimony to the value of technology and human performance. Our patented Superheat SmartWay™ integrates emerging communication technology (wireless and internet) and equipment advancements, with innovative software solutions to produce the most efficient, state-of-the-art, on-site heat treatment solution.

Superheat SmartWay Heat Treatment Process

To begin, the Superheat SmartCenter™ provides the knowledge and design expertise to field staff, outlining the optimal set up and tear down of heat treatment configurations. Including code requirements and alignment with Chevron’s specific requirements for thermocouple & heat distribution. Once the set up of the heat treatment configuration is completed highly trained control room operators in the Superheat SmartCenter™ then control Superheat SmartPoint™ consoles via a patented remote-monitoring process. While the Superheat SmartCenter performs critical quality aspects, Superheat Technicians & Project Site Management can remain focused on the safe and proficiency set-up and tear-down of welds. Ensuring onsite labor forces are optimized, and heat cycle quality is maximized. The time and cost saving as a result of field and Superheat SmartCenter™ staff working simultaneously has far reaching impacts on the overall success of any project. Our diligent Quality Assurance Department then ensured heat treatment specifications are met, and delivered the Superheat SmartReports™ electronically to Client representatives.

Superheat Construction Management App

Superheat SmartView, a component within our overall patented Superheat SmartWay solution, provided one source of the truth to Chevron regarding overall project data. More specifically, quantitative heat treatment information in real-time via any device. From the palm of their hands, clients can now view live critical information pertaining to Weld Running Status, Live Heat Treatment Chats and a multitude of other data. By implementing this construction management tool Superheat was able to contribute to total project success for all stakeholders on the jobsite.

Superheat SmartView Heat Treatment Monitoring Program Cellphone Mockup

Innovative Equipment

The Superheat SmartPak , an integrated component with the SmartWay system, provides a safety interlock capability at the end of the cable via near field communication offered by the Superheat SmartCard. Minimizing the risk of electrocution prior to our qualified technician swiping his or her Superheat SmartCard™. The swipe of this card to the Superheat SmartPak indicates to our panel operator the weld area is in a secure condition and they can safely commence the heating process.

Additionally, the Superheat SmartPak provides real time temperatures of the weld, alarms for lost thermocouples, burnt out heating elements, as well as any interpass situations. The LED indicators deliver instant diagnostics and troubleshooting for technicians and welders.

Superheat SmartPak and SmartCard Heat Treatment Equipment

The Superheat SmartPoint and Superheat SmartGen Lineup

By manufacturing equipment internally, Superheat customizes our high zone control capacity consoles specifically to meet project’s demands. The equipment lineup is also the only approved heat treatment system engineered safe for all environment certifications standards (UL# 508A/CSA # C22 No.14-10). Both Superheat SmartPoint and Superheat SmartGen consoles communicate directly with the Superheat SmartCenter and Superheat SmartPak, delivering real-time, controlled temperature data that can be commenced and shut down remotely in any emergency. Making them the safest equipment available on the market.

Heat Treatment Equipment


This latest achievement at Chevron El Segundo is a prime example of our standards as a global service leader and innovator within the industry. By providing A Smarter Way to Do Heat Treatment™, Superheat’s services are truly Better Safer Faster™.

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Superheat began in 2000 and was founded on the principle that innovation and technology advancements can produce a safer, more cost-effective, quality-driven way to provide high-quality on-site heat treatment services. We remain the world’s premier preheat and post weld heat treatment service provider and continue to build a long-term sustainable growth company providing services to the industrial energy and oil markets. For any media-related questions or inquiries, please email or call 1.888.508.3226.