Reduce Costs

Factoring variable costs associated with heat treatment can be complicated as strict welding requirements can significantly impact a project’s schedule. Superheat SmartWay™ can save you up to 40% on heat treatment labor costs by narrowing down idle time and increasing productivity on the job site.

Superheat SmartWay™ Labor Savings Comparison:

Labor & Cost Comparison Chart

Inefficient Solution

Superheat SmartWay™ Solution

Manhours: Installation
Manhours: Equipment Operation
6 (Superheat SmartCenter™)
Manhours: Dismantle
Total Hours in Unit
Total Billable Hours
Up to 40% Savings


Superheat SmartCenter™ manages and operates the Superheat SmartPoint™ and Superheat SmartGen™ remotely, allowing on-site staff to focus on setup and tear down of the welds, increasing labor productivity, thus reducing the overall cost of the project.

Case Studies

Not all heat treatment processes are created equal. Get the facts on our Superheat SmartWay™ and see why we’re the industry leader in safety and reliability.

Superheat SmartWay™ in action !

Save Time

Superheat SmartWay™ offers management of real-time data available in conjunction with the new Superheat Smart technology to cut heat treatment schedule time.

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Minimize Risk

Using communication technology and equipment advancements, Superheat SmartPak™ won’t start the job until an authorized technician swipes the Superheat SmartCard™ to begin the heat treatment cycle.

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Improve Quality

Superheat SmartCenter™ is a proven knowledge base with corporate QA oversight. After your job is complete, you will receive Superheat SmartReports™, a package from the quality assurance department.

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