Save Time

Your project has a demanding schedule and heat treatment is a critical path process to its overall completion. Superheat SmartWay™ uses a unique and exclusive approach to heat treatment that differentiates us from any company in the world. By utilizing our Superheat SmartCenter™ in conjunction with highly productive field setup and teardown crews, project execution can be performed by 4 separate departments  simultaneously. The swipe of a Superheat SmartCard™ can immediately start your job after setup is secured at cable end, resulting in an up to three-times faster weld start-up.

  • Superheat SmartPak™ end of cable technology displays real-time temperature statuses for increased welding productivity
  • Superheat SmartPoint™ offers a smaller on-site footprint and reduces setup time
  • Superheat SmartView™ provides you project data in real-time, aiding in making crucial, time-saving decisions
  • Superheat SmartCenter™, with its database of over 10,000 drawings, can provide immediate results for finding a “How To” spec sheet for your weld setup

Case Studies

Not all heat treatment processes are created equal. Get the facts on our Superheat SmartWay™ and see why we’re the industry leader in safety and reliability.

Superheat SmartWay™ in action !

Reduce Costs

Higher labor productivity on-site through use of Superheat SmartCenter™ means lower overall labor costs.

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Minimize Risk

Using communication technology and equipment advancements, Superheat SmartPak™ won’t start the job until an authorized technician swipes the Superheat SmartCard™ to begin the heat treatment cycle.

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Improve Quality

Superheat SmartCenter™ is a proven knowledge base with corporate QA oversight. After your job is complete, you will receive Superheat SmartReports™, a package from the quality assurance department.

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