Kincardine Reunion 2018

Aug 8th, 2018

Superheat’s Kincardine location participated in the town-wide reunion August 2nd- 6th, 2018. Every 10 years (since 1898) – new and old members of the community have come together in a celebration of the town’s history and heritage.

This homecoming-styled event included a wide variety of excitement including concerts, games, competitions, dinners, fireworks, and much more! They even joined in on the Calithumpian Parade with a Superheat float as seen below!

Superheat’s float for the 2018 Kincardine Reunion displayed a simple demonstration of our Heat Treatment process & equipment! Another Superheat employee is later spotted in a classic car as a runner-up in the Ambassador competition.

Superheat Kincardine was proud to sponsor such a historical event as a supporting member of the business community.