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The Superheat SmartFurnace™:
The Most Advanced On-site Heat Treatment Furnace

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Places heat treatment schedule & response in your control
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Provides on-demand quality management & operational services
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Reduces logistical costs & only priced per furnace load

The Superheat SmartFurance™ offerings: Putting you in control of your on-site heat treatment needs

Superheat SmartGen and SmartPoint

Select your very own on-site furnace providing immediate 24/7 heat treatment services for the ultimate self-controlled experience. Once trained by Superheat representatives, simply have your staff follow the loading & unloading instructions, eliminating the need to bring components off-site, inherently saving you from the variable costs and schedule delays associated with distributing spools or other components to an off-site third party vendor. The Superheat SmartCenter™ then remotely manages, controls, and operates all aspects of the heat cycle functions including QA documentation, calibration, and maintenance requirements. Superheat SmartView™ QA digital platform then provides you ultimate transparency, project management, and the exchange of information in real time, available at the palm of your hand.

By ensuring this offering is certified to API Spec 16A: Qualification of Heat-treating Equipment you are receiving the highest industry standard of quality. Specific SmartFurnace models are adaptable by adding 6′ length sections dependent on your scope, providing you flexibility regarding your heat treatment furnace needs.

Superheat SmartView

Quick Set Furnace Communicating to SmartCenter

Download Superheat SmartReports

How Does The Superheat SmartFurnace™ Work?

SmartFurnace process

1. Your workforce simply loads components into your on-site Superheat SmartFurnace™.

2 & 3. The Superheat SmartPak™ is then unlocked using an issued Superheat SmartCard™. This indicates to the SmartCenter™ the heat cycle is safe to commence and components within the furnace are situated appropriately.

4. The furnace is then managed, controlled, and operated remotely from the Superheat SmartCenter™ with real time heat treatment data being presented to you in Superheat SmartView™ QA digital platform.

5 & 6. At the completion of the heat cycle, download and seamlessly integrate Superheat SmartReport™ QA packages directly from Superheat SmartView™ into your QA management platform. You will never have to wait on a contractor to deliver your information again.

In summation, the Superheat SmartFurnace™ allows you to perform on-site heat treatment with zero third-party contractor wait time or exposure, providing ultimate control and unparalleled responsiveness for a fully on-demand solution.