MagneMat ceramic pad heater being installed for onsite stress relieving.

Superheat MagneMat™:
Reinventing the Traditional Ceramic Pad Heater for Onsite Stress Relieving

Save time with ceramic pad heater

0 lost time to pin mapping and installation, removal, & NDT inspection at each location

Improve quality with ceramic pad heater

Industry leading heat distribution control per PWHT zone

Minimize risks with ceramic pad heater

Seamless transition from preheat, to bakeout, to PWHT

Reduce costs with ceramic pad heater

Reduce costs with 70% reduction of time associated to set up & tear down of ceramic pad heater configurations

Superheat MagneMat™: Forever Changing the Installation Method of the Ceramic Pad Heater

Superheat MagneMat application of ceramic pad heater

Over the course of several years, Superheat has invested significant R&D into magnet technology. Thus, forever changing the design and installation methods of the ceramic pad heater on large vessels and big bore piping.

Where others have failed, Superheat has sourced magnets in which their electromagnetic field are minimally affected by standard preheat and PWHT temperatures. The integration of these magnets into the traditional flexible ceramic pad heater has created the new Superheat MagneMat™, eliminating the requirement for pins during the onsite stress relieving setup process entirely. The results of this advancement will have substantial cost and schedule savings to your projects bottom line.

Superheat MagneMat™ Onsite Stress Relieving Applications

Flexible ceramic pad heater being installed for onsite stress relieving

Weld Overlay & Large Vessel PWHT

Flexible ceramic pad heater being installed for onsite stress relieving

Seam Weld Bakeouts

Ceramic pad heater installed for onsite stress relieving.

Substantial Preheat Applications

Integrate the MagneMat™ Ceramic Pad Heater with the Overall Superheat SmartWay™ Solution

Superheat ceramic pad heater, MagneMat's, installed on a large vessel for onsite stress relieving.

Heat treatment contractors often rely on traditional methods/equipment and are hesitant to invest in R&D due to the associated costs and aversion to change. As a result, innovation is often underutilized, leading to subpar third-party service offerings and increased liability for facility owners.

Superheat recognizes the impact that pinning a flexible ceramic pad heater has on project schedules and costs. The process includes pre-vessel mapping, installation, and removal of pins, which can require additional measures such as pre/post grinding and nondestructive testing. To address this issue, Superheat has introduced the MagneMat™, which integrates magnets into the traditional flexible ceramic pad heater, eliminating the need for pins during onsite stress relieving setup entirely. This innovative solution is part of our SmartWay™ offering. To learn more, read about one client’s experience with MagneMat™ on a recent coke drum repair by clicking the button below.