Employee Highlight

Superheat would like to shine the spotlight on Alberto Espinosa Aguiñiga from the Huntington Beach, California region. He is currently supporting the Marathon Detroit Refinery project and has been doing an incredible job!

A QA Manager working on the Marathon site has recently written to Superheat commending Alberto’s work performance and professionalism. “Alberto has shown great ingenuity while performing his work. He impressed me with his hard work ethics and ability to plan ahead. He would come to my office at 6am to discuss that day’s activities and my understanding his shift starts at 7am! I normally do not write to the management about their employees… If I ever work in California again, don’t be surprised if I contact your office requesting Alberto.”

Alberto is a valued member of the team who initially came to Superheat based on our commitment to being an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. He explains that “Superheat will not discriminate in any of our employment practices based on race, gender, religion, disability, national origin, age, etc.”.

His favorite aspect of the job is the opportunity to travel to different offices and meet new people. In his spare time, he enjoys music, traveling with his family and supporting his daughters as they go off to school!

Thank you, Alberto, for all your hard work. We appreciate everything that you do for the company and we are glad to have you on the team!

Employee Highlight

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