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Superheat Celebrates 3 Consecutive Years of Zero Recordable Injuries: 2019-2021

3 Consecutive Years of ZERO Recordable Injuries - quotes

Superheat is extremely proud to report 3 consecutive years of ZERO Recordable Injuries spanning from 2019-2021. This achievement is not something we take lightly as we hold safety in the highest regard. We pride ourselves on our safe work practices and our technology innovations that has produced the safest heat treatment equipment available in the industry. We aim to carry this achievement over for years to come. 

We asked Superheat’s President and Corporate Safety Director to speak on this millstone. Sundip Bajaj, President, said “I am honored to comment on behalf of the Superheat senior leadership team on this incredible safety milestone. Having zero recordables over the period of 3 years (2019 -21) speaks more so to the thousands of individual safe decisions our staff make in their day-to-day activities. These daily individual decisions are critical to a safety ecosystem that is actively fostered and represents a building block to a safety culture at Superheat.  Superheat also embeds safety as a design principle in our proprietary equipment – allowing individuals to make these safe decisions – and providing superior safety service to our valued clients all over the world. Congratulations Team!”

Larry Coots, Corporate Safety Director, noted “This accomplishment exemplifies the true definition of teamwork within our company. Safety is only as good as a first-day employee arriving on-site having the right mindset and attitude. I cannot imagine achieving this goal without everyone’s dedication and selfless commitment. This is truly an outstanding milestone – Zero Recordables three consecutive years. This accomplishment shows our employee’s daily dedication and mindset towards working safely. I thank everyone for their selfless commitment and achievement of this goal.”

We would like to sincerely thank each member of the Superheat family. We all play a role in making Superheat one of the safest on-site heat treatment providers in the industry and could not have done it without you! 

Superheat began in 2000 and was founded on the principle that innovation and technology advancements can produce a safer, more cost-effective, quality-driven way to provide high-quality on-site heat treatment services. We remain the world’s premier preheat and post weld heat treatment service provider and continue to build a long-term sustainable growth company providing services to the industrial energy and oil markets. For any media-related questions or inquiries, please email or call 1.888.508.3226.