The Hidden Truths Of Heat Treatment

A Smart Approach Saves Refinery 36% on Heat Treatment


A refinery in the United Kingdom needed heat treatment services for a system-wide maintenance turnaround. Superheat SmartWay™ was able to save the refinery 36% on heat treatment costs and labor.


The refinery, located in the United Kingdom, is owned by one of the largest petroleum companies in the world.


The project posed serious issues in the planning stages due to unknowns. The company was struggling with limited knowledge of the scope of work. The majority of the heat treatment needs were unknown until after inspection. This presented problems for the company’s timetable for work during the turnaround.

Smart Solution

24 incumbents worked on-site with Superheat supervisors and 6 insulators using Superheat’s Installing Partner Program. The workers were given Superheat’s 16-hour heat treatment installation course prior to the turnaround.

Combining training with the capability of Superheat SmartCenter™ to monitor heat treatments as they happen allowed for further reductions to on-site labor, with Superheat remotely monitoring the process. With the ability to use Superheat SmartView™ to provide project data in real-time, technicians were able to troubleshoot the heat treatments in-progress to maintain a high level of quality.

The refinery’s insulators were needed only for the wrapping and stripping of welds, which makes up only a third of the heat treatment labor.


By utilizing these nested contractors on an as needed basis, the refinery obtained a labor cost savings of 36% overall. The adjusted “wrench time” for the nested insulation contractor was barely impacted, increasing by only 3%.