Superheat SmartFurnace™

What is it?

The most advanced and capable furnace for your immediate onsite heat treatment needs.

Your very own on-site furnace providing immediate, 24/7 heat treatment services for the ultimate client-controlled experience. Simply follow the loading & unloading instructions, eliminating the need to bring components offsite to a stationed heat treatment furnace. The Superheat SmartCenter™ then remotely manages, controls, and operates all aspects of the heat cycle functions including QA documentation, calibration, and maintenance requirements.

By ensuring this offering is certified to API Spec 16A Appendix D (recommended practices for heat-treating equipment), we are supplying the highest industry standard of quality to clients regarding their heat treatment furnace needs.

How does it work?

1. A client’s workforce loads their components into the on-site Superheat SmartFurnace™.

2. The furnace is then managed, controlled, and operated remotely from the Superheat SmartCenter™ with heat treatment data being presented to the client in Superheat SmartView™.

3. Upon heat cycle completion, all QA documentation including time & temperature charts, are sent directly to the client’s QA representatives.

In summation, Superheat SmartFurnace™ will allow you to perform on-site heat treatment, providing ultimate client control and unparalleled responsiveness for a fully on-demand solution.

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