Superheat Receives Noteworthy Feedback From Critical Heat Treatment in Immingham, England

Throughout the month of June, Superheat had the pleasure of performing critical heat treatment on key components at a large refinery near Immingham, England. A significant number of complex nozzle and piping welds (100+) within the Alkylation Unit presented an opportunity for Superheat’s Smartway, remotely monitored on-site heat treatment solution, to shine.

Superheat rose to the occasion and tackled this project head-on, ensuring the most crucial scope of work was treated with urgency, all timelines were met, and service on all levels was presented in a flexible, efficient and safe manner.

When speaking with the Refinery Fabrication Supervisor they noted, “It really does make a difference for us to have people who are good at their jobs and are committed to working safely and efficiently”, which aligns directly with our values: minimize risk, improve quality, reduce costs and save time.

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