Superheat Receives Noteworthy Feed Back From Critical Heat Treatment in Immingham, England

Jul 28th, 2020

Throughout the month of June, Superheat had the pleasure of performing critical heat treatment on key components at a large refinery near Immingham, England. A significant number of complex nozzle and piping welds (100+) within the Alkylation Unit presented an opportunity for Superheat’s Smartway, remotely monitored on-site heat treatment solution, to shine.

Superheat rose to the occasion and tackle this project head-on, ensuring the most crucial scope of work was treated with urgency, all timelines where met, and service on all levels was presented in a flexible, efficient and safe manner.

When speaking with the Refinery Fabrication Supervisor they noted, “It really does make a difference for us to have people who are good at their jobs and are committed to working safely and efficiently”, which aligns directly with our values; minimize risk, improve quality, reduce costs and save time.

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Superheat was founded on the principle that cutting edge technology can offer a better way to provide on-site heat treatment. Today, Superheat is the world’s most responsive and innovative heat treatment provider.

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