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Critical Path Heat Treatment Deemed an “Extraordinary Experience” by a Large Refinery Near Los Angeles

Customer Testimonial From El Segundo Refinery

Over the past few months, Superheat has had the pleasure of performing critical path heat treatment at a large refinery located south-west of Los Angeles, in which the Refinery General Manager deemed an “extraordinary performance”.

As a key partner in the refinery’s COVID-19 plan generation, we had the opportunity to demonstrate our leadership group’s years of extensive procedural health, safety, and administrative infrastructure and aptitude to take swift and definitive action to ensure the safety of each on-site staff member was our primary objective. We then continued to work together with the Refinery’s leadership group to modify the plan of action as the pandemic situation rapidly changed and evolved.

The economic shift in the wake of COVID-19 further amplified our dedication to cost reduction measures to our valued clients. Thanks to the patented remote control and monitoring technology of equipment from our Superheat SmartCenter, we could easily manage on-site staff’s footprint throughout the heat treatment process, specifically on days when we had less scope, we proactively reduced our headcount, even if the project plan called for full staff. We continued to do this as the project was winding down and fewer staff were required. As said by the General Manager of the Refinery, “This is an example of great stewardship of cost”.

The General Manager of the Refinery also said, “The quality, timeliness and availability of Superheat’s turnovers helped to allow for us to validate and verify our piping progress and catch potential opportunities in the welding progress and quality management”. As always, our core values remain to minimize risk, improve quality, reduce costs and save time and we are proud these values were greatly reflected within this project.

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