Superheat Smartway™ On-site Heat Treatment Process

Superheat SmartWay™ provides emerging communication technology and equipment advancements with innovative software solutions to produce the most efficient, state-of-the-art, on-site heat treatment solution to reduce costs, save time, minimize risk, and improve quality.

  • Extensively trained and qualified technicians utilize Superheat SmartPak™ to enhance quality assurance in conjunction with a Superheat SmartCard™ to minimize safety hazards via lock-out capabilities at the weld
  • Superheat SmartPoint™ and Superheat SmartGen™ equipment lines offer advanced high zone control capacity in small footprint areas for demanding and efficient on-site Heat Treatment services
  • Superheat SmartCenter™: the knowledge and control hub of your entire heat treatment process:
    • Technical & Engineering Department supports the reliable setup and teardown of heat treatment configurations
    • Control Room runs and operates heat cycles via a patented remote monitoring service increasing onsite labor productivity by up to 40%
    • Quality Assurance Department electronically delivers QA package in the form of Superheat SmartReport™
  • Superheat SmartView™ integrates a proprietary data mining approach to offer real-time heat treatment information in the palm of your hand to increase overall project management
  • For specific maintenance and fabrication areas looking to control their heat treatment needs, while still demanding immediate serviceability, a Superheat SmartFurnace™ provides the most advance and portable heat treatment furnace.

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Superheat SmartWay™ in action!

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The Superheat SmartWay™ Advantage