Superheat SmartWay™

Your on-site heat treatment needs to be completed on-time and on-budget while adhering to the highest quality and safety standards

We offer an innovative and industry-leading approach to heat treatment:

  • Superheat SmartWay™ includes monitoring and controlling of your heat treatment project, cutting down idle time at the job site, and improving decision-making capabilities for continued success
  • Superheat SmartView™ provides project data in real-time
  • Weld setup and Superheat SmartCard™ usage is only authorized once a qualified technician has undergone extensive training and testing
  • Superheat SmartReports™ are generated at the conclusion of your heat treatment, a comprehensive overview of all data generated from Superheat SmartView™

Superheat SmartWay™ in action!

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The Superheat SmartWay™ Advantage

Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs with Superheat SmartWay heat treatment solution

Higher labor productivity on-site through the implementation of Superheat SmartCenter™ means reduced labor costs for your overall project.

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Save Time

Save Time with Superheat SmartWay heat treatment solution

Superheat SmartWay™ offers real-time data management in conjunction with the new Superheat Smart technology to cut idle time at the job site.

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Minimize Risk

Minimize Risk with Superheat SmartWay heat treatment solution

Using communication technology and equipment advancements, Superheat SmartPak™ won’t start the job until an authorized technician swipes the Superheat SmartCard™ to begin the heat treatment cycle.

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Improve Quality

Improve Quality with Superheat SmartWay heat treatment solution

Superheat SmartCenter™ is a proven knowledge base with corporate QA oversight. After your job is complete, you will receive Superheat SmartReports™, a comprehensive package from the quality assurance department.

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