Key Advantages of Superheat

Superheat SmartWay™ integrates emerging communication technology and equipment advancements with unique and innovative software solutions to produce the most efficient, state-of-the-art, on-site heat treatment solution to reduce costs, save time, minimize risk, and improve quality.

Reduce Costs

Factoring variable costs associated with heat treatment can be complicated as strict welding requirements can significantly impact a project’s schedule. Superheat SmartWay™ can save you up to 40% on heat treatment labor costs by narrowing down idle time and increasing productivity on the job site.

Superheat SmartWay™ Labor Savings Comparison

Labor & Cost Comparison Chart

Inefficient Solution

Superheat SmartWay™ Solution

Manhours: Installation

Manhours: Equipment Operation
6 (Superheat SmartCenter™)

Manhours: Dismantle

Total Hours in Unit

Total Billable Hours

Up to 40% Savings

Superheat SmartCenter™ manages and operates the Superheat SmartPoint™ and Superheat SmartGen™ remotely, allowing on-site staff to focus on setup and tear down of the welds, increasing labor productivity, thus reducing the overall cost of the project.

Save Time

Your project has a demanding schedule and heat treatment is a critical path process to its overall completion. Superheat SmartWay™ uses a unique and exclusive approach to heat treatment that differentiates us from any company in the world. By utilizing our Superheat SmartCenter™ in conjunction with highly productive field setup and teardown crews, project execution can be performed by 4 separate departments simultaneously. The swipe of a Superheat SmartCard™ can immediately start your job after setup is secured at cable end, resulting in an up to three-times faster weld start-up.

  • Superheat SmartPak™ end of cable technology displays real-time temperature statuses for increased welding productivity
  • Superheat SmartPoint™ offers a smaller on-site footprint and reduces setup time
  • Superheat SmartView™ provides you project data in real-time, aiding in making crucial, time-saving decisions
  • Superheat SmartCenter™, with its database of over 10,000 drawings, can provide immediate results for finding a “How To” spec sheet for your weld setup

Minimize Risk

The safety of your job site and workforce is paramount. You wouldn’t trust just anyone to get your heat treatment done safely. Superheat SmartWay™ ensures the safety of everyone involved in the process, while controlling who has access.

We set the industry standard when it comes to safe execution. Superheat SmartWay™ reduces labor requirements in hazardous plant areas by up to 70%.

  • Superheat SmartCenter™ monitors your heat treatments in real-time and can make adjustments outside hazardous areas to maximize safety and quality
  • Superheat SmartPoint™ and Superheat SmartGen™ units are able to be shut down remotely by Superheat SmartCenter™ in an emergency situation
  • Superheat SmartPak™ won’t start the job until a trained and qualified technician swipes a Superheat SmartCard™ tolock down the heat treatment process
  • Superheat SmartView™ includes information on task management, allowing you to see welds pending activity (e.g. Waiting on Scaffolding, Scaffold Requires Modification, Permit or Procedure, Not Flagged, Waiting on X-ray/ Inspection.)

Improve Quality

The quality of your heat treatment is critical to both its form and function. Heat treatment technicians say 90% of material anomalies can be attributed to improper heat treatment. Superheat SmartWay™ offers exclusive technology to provide the highest level of service for your heat treatment needs.

  • Superheat SmartCenter™ starts with the “how to” for the setup, either from our library of over 10,000 successful drawings or directly from our Technical Engineering department. From there, control room operators run the process remotely, assuring that client specifications are met
  • Weld setup and usage of the SmartCard™ is limited to qualified technicians who have undergone extensive training and testing
  • When the process starts, Superheat SmartPoint™ sends your project data back to the Superheat SmartCenter™
  • Superheat SmartView™ provides your heat treatment data in real-time
  • Superheat SmartReports™ are generated at the conclusion of your heat treatment, a comprehensive overview of all data generated by the Superheat SmartCenter™ Quality Assurance Team

Case Studies

Not all heat treatment processes are created equal. Get the facts on our Superheat SmartWay™ and see why we’re the industry leader in safety and reliability.


Superheat was founded on the principle that cutting edge technology can offer a better way to provide on-site heat treatment. Today, Superheat is the world’s most responsive and innovative heat treatment provider.

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