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2020 Annual SWAT Winner

2020 Annual SWAT Winner Freddy Perez

It is Superheat’s intent for employees to be actively involved in the safety process and a human performance program. To accomplish this, in 2019 we revamped a program called “Safe Work Action Team” or “SWAT”. This process promotes and rewards the ongoing involvement of employees through employee teams who conduct safety observations of their peers while they are performing work. By doing this, we create a safer work environment for all. 

Throughout the year SWAT anonymously chooses monthly and quarterly winners, and the quarterly winners go into a pool to determine who will be our annual SWAT Award winner. Superheat would like to extend a huge congratulations to Freddy Perez, Field Technician, based out of the New Lenox, Il office, who is the recipient of our 2020 SWAT Award for the following submission: 

“While working on the bottom of a fan I smelled gas and was hearing a slight hiss. I took a quick look around and followed the oxygen/acetylene torch hose and found out that the connection had been stepped on and was leaking. I stopped the welder from welding and called up the foreman to address the hose leak. He determined that it could not be fixed and took it out of service. Always be aware of your surroundings. Other crafts have just as many hazards, having good safety culture could save lives. It was the apprentice’s first job, so he was not aware of the smell and was not paying attention.” – Freddy Perez

Freddy went above and beyond by keeping safety at the forefront throughout 2020 and submitted a total of 11 SWAT cards – an extraordinary effort considering it was a year spent in a global pandemic.

When speaking about the 2020 SWAT Winner, Superheat’s Corporate Safety Director, Larry Coots said “To have the situational awareness that something was wrong within the working environment, then take immediate action to investigate and protect all the contractors within the working zone is an extraordinary display of Superheat’s safety culture. Congratulations, Freddy – well deserved”.

We look forward to continuing to bring safety to the forefront of all job sites and are excited for SWAT 2021. Superheat employees – be sure to submit your SWAT cards each month, our 2021 SWAT winner could be you!

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