Superheat Heat Treatment

2021 Annual SWAT Winner

2021 SWAT Awards Winner Travis Elam

We take great pride in having all team members actively involved in the everyday safety process and human performance program. In 2019 we revamped our “SWAT” – Safe Work Action Team program to promote and reward the ongoing involvement of employees through safe work actions, observations, and corrections. Our objective is to create a safer work environment for all stakeholders.

Quarterly SWAT winners go into a pool to determine who will be our annual SWAT Award winner. We would like to extend a sincere congratulations to Travis Elam, Field Technician, based out of our New Lenox office, who is the recipient of our 2021 SWAT Award!

Travis’s award-winning SWAT submission: “After setting up for work in a confined space, I told hole watch that everything was ready and that I was about to go in and start setting up a bakeout. After I got in and started work, my Supervisor told me to get out of the confined space immediately and told me there was no hole watch. I got out of the confined space, tracked down the hole watch and learned that they were doing a tradeoff for lunch, but they did not let them know about the work we were doing. I then talked to the foreman and let them know the situation and the severity of the assigned watch walking off and putting the workers’ lives in danger.”

Thank you to everyone who submitted SWAT cards in 2021 and for your dedication to minimizing risk on the job site through safe work practices. Keep up the great work!

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