Advancing Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment is the controlled heating/cooling of a component to alter its mechanical and physical properties. During the manufacturing, installation, or repair of certain components, the processes implemented may cause changes to the molecular structure of the material. This causes an undesirable and even dangerous end product.

The Superheat SmartWay™ addresses these challenges, keeping your workforce and the process safe and cost-efficient.
Superheat is committed to working smarter for you.


Superheat was founded in 2000 near Chicago, IL, and is now one of the fastest growing companies in North America.

The principals at Superheat knew they could solve compelling and emerging construction challenges in an industry that became outdated and obsolete in many respects. The objectives were very clearly defined by their clients, the leading experts in global construction, consulting, power, refining, and petrochemicals.

  • Welding and material requirements are more demanding
  • Project costs becoming unpredictable and unmanageable
  • Safety and security are more critical than ever

Superheat meets the most pressing heat treatment challenges of today’s industrial construction and maintenance activities by incorporating the most advanced communication technology and software solutions, supported by a uniquely comprehensive business model.

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