Superheat’s Accreditations & Affiliations


Nuclear Procurement Issues Corporation (NUPIC)

Superheat is continually aware of releases and frequents events held by the Nuclear Procurement Issues Corporation (NUPIC) as it relates to on-site heat treatment. Thus, ensuring our service offering is compliant to codes, standards, and aligned with industry trends. NUPIC formed in 1989 by a partnership involving all domestic and several international nuclear utilities. NUPIC has a proven process for evaluating to the highest standard, the suppliers furnishing safety-related components, services, and commercial-grade items to nuclear utilities.

Nuclear Industry Assessment Committee (NIAC) Requirements

Organized in 1994 as a result of an industry initiative to share audits among members, the Nuclear Industry Assessment Committee (NIAC) has fulfilled its charter by performing supplier qualification activities at the highest industry performance standards while eliminating the redundancy and costs associated with duplicate audits.

ISO 9001 Quality Management Certified by BSI Under Certificate Number FS572284

Superheat has been audited and is ISO 9001 Quality Management-certified by BSI under certificate number FS572284. We underwent a very rigorous evaluation which included a thorough analysis of our quality management development and management systems documentation. Once this was completed we had a pre-audit, an initial assessment, and then took the necessary corrective actions to clear all of our non-conformances. All of this culminated in a comprehensive quality registration audit by BSI. After taking corrective actions and closing all non-conformances, we received our ISO 9001 Quality Management. Our Quality Management Center, which performs the heat treatment, can now, more than ever, guarantee predictable high-quality services for all of our clients. Additionally, this represents a significant milestone towards our vision of being the most innovative and responsive heat treatment company in the world.


National Petrochemical & Refiners Associations

National Petrochemical & Refiners Association (NPRA) is a national trade association based in Washington, D.C., representing more than 450 members, including virtually all U.S. refiners and petrochemical manufacturers. Our members supply consumers with a wide variety of products used daily in their homes and businesses. These products include gasoline, diesel fuel, home heating oil, jet fuel, lubricants, and the chemicals that serve as "building blocks" for everything from plastics to clothing to medicine to computers and many other products essential to maintaining and improving the nation's quality of life. The refining and petrochemical industries make a vital contribution to the health and welfare of this nation with their contributions to economic growth and national security while working diligently to operate their facilities safely and to protect human health and the environment.

American Builders and Contractors

Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) is a national association with 77 chapters representing 25,000 merit shop construction and construction-related firms with two million employees. ABC's membership represents all specialties within the U.S. construction industry and is comprised primarily of firms that perform work in the industrial and commercial sectors of the industry. ABC is the construction industry's voice with the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of the federal government and with state and local governments, as well as with the news media. ABC's mission is the advancement of the merit shop construction philosophy, which encourages open competition and a free-enterprise approach that awards contracts based solely on merit, regardless of labor affiliation.

Louisiana Chemical Industry Alliance

Founded in 1990, the Louisiana Chemical Industry Alliance (LCIA) is a joint venture between plants and suppliers, representing 750 members with more than 50,000 employees from Louisiana's petrochemical industry and related businesses. LCIA represents the interests of its members before legislative and regulatory bodies and promotes a positive public image for the industry as a whole.


OGUK is a definitive source of information about the UK offshore oil and gas industry and the gateway to industry networks and expertise. The OGUK is a not-for-profit organization, established in April 2007, with a pedigree stretching back 40 years. Their aim is to become the leading association within the UK energy industry, ensuring the UK North Sea remains an internationally attractive place to do business. They do this by granting members access to industry leading forums and workgroups, keeping ahead of industry trends by researching the latest market intelligence, comprehensive industry insights, award-winning guidelines and updates on legislative and policy developments and raising the profile of the UK offshore oil and gas industry. They also promote open dialogue within and across all sectors of the industry on topics that influence your activities, including: technical, fiscal, safety, environmental, brokering solutions, develop and delivering industry-wide initiatives and programs and engage with governments and other external organizations with a stake in the industry’s future.