Line Thaw on a pipe

On-Site Heat Treatment Service:
Line Thaw

What Is Line Thaw?

A Line Thaw is the application of uniform heat to a section of piping or component that has been affected by unfavorable environmental temperatures. Said temperatures can result in the freezing or solidification of the product inside, or affect the functionality of the component and/or piping. The application of heat via electrical resistance heat treatment will reverse the undesirable effects of hostile temperatures.

Although a simple task, many factors need to be considered when performing a successful Line Thaw, such as the piping and/or component material structure, flow temperature, and product contained in the piping and/or components. The Superheat SmartCenter™, which is part of the Superheat SmartWay™ patented process, contains a technical engineering department, a remote monitoring & control center, and a QA assurance department that work simultaneously with field operations. This ensures that all quality factors listed above are considered, and on-site field operations are maximized to drastically reduce on-site man hour expenses and vendor footprint.

As the need for a Line Thaw is generally an unforeseen event, operational responsiveness from your heat treatment vendor is paramount. Superheat’s regional management locations are strategically dispersed throughout both North America and the United Kingdom to guarantee service in a timely manner.

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