What is Annealing?

Heat Treatment is the process of heating a base metal and holding it at a prescribed temperature for a specific length of time, followed by a controlled cooling at a suitable rate. This process alters the physical and chemical properties of the material to prepare for manufacturing. These variables can differ depending on the desired result and can be achieved using different heat treatment applications.

Annealing is an application commonly used to soften a metal for cold working, improve machinability, and enhance electrical conductivity. The base material is heated at a predetermined temperature for a certain length of time, however, cooled at a prolonged rate to restore ductility and reduce hardness. This process releases mechanical stresses produced during machining or grinding, to reduce the risk of cracking.

The Annealing process typically takes place in large ovens away from the job site, whereas Superheat can effectively administer this application on-site utilizing our advanced Superheat SmartWay™ solution.

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