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Alex Kinjerski

Indiana CCS Anniversary & Awards Celebration 2022

| May 17th, 2022

We speak frequently about safety and what it means to us as a company. It is a core pillar of our business and something we practice every day – “safety is no accident”. It is our priority to remain the safest on-site heat treatment provider in the industry and to do this, we are constantly...

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2021 Annual SWAT Winner

| May 2nd, 2022

We take great pride in having all team members actively involved in the everyday safety process and human performance program. In 2019 we revamped our “SWAT” – Safe Work Action Team program to promote and reward the ongoing involvement of employees through safe work actions, observations, and corrections. Our objective is to create a safer work environment for all stakeholders. Quarterly...

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Superheat Receives Gold & Meritorious Awards from TRMA for 2021

| Apr 25th, 2022

For the 6th year in a row, we are extremely proud to share that we have received the Meritorious Performance Award and Gold Award from the Three Rivers Manufacturer’s Association (TRMA) for work performed in 2021. These awards are earned for working without any OSHA Recordable injuries at TRMA Member plants throughout the year. Safety is a key value and growth pillar at Superheat, and we are dedicated to continuing to be leaders and holding it in the highest regard.

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Superheat SmartWrap: Leverage Your Workforce to Bring On-site Heat Treatment Back Within Your Control

| Apr 6th, 2022

As a contractor or facility owner could you further leverage your workforce to minimize costs and bring on-site heat treatment back within your control? Our new Superheat SmartWrap™ offering is a bolt-on solution that provides end-to-end leadership and innovative equipment. It empowers you to utilize any workforce you have available to complete on-site heat treatment setup and...

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Superheat Congratulates Nicola Eady, Former Accountant, On Her Retirement

| Mar 31st, 2022

Nicola started working for Superheat’s subsidiary company in August 2010 as an Accountant, looking after all aspects of the financial side of the business and helping to transition the company as it was acquired by Superheat. She’s been responsible for navigating the ever-changing UK tax & employment legislation to ensure the company is fully compliant...

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Introducing Superheat’s New Director of Finance, Rustin Sweiger

| Mar 24th, 2022

Superheat believes we are only as good as the people who are on our team. We are continuously striving for growth and improvement and as such, we are very excited to announce our new Director of Finance, Rustin Sweiger!  Rustin is joining us with a wealth of education and experience behind him. He has a...

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Superheat Celebrates 3 Consecutive Years of Zero Recordable Injuries: 2019-2021

| Mar 8th, 2022

Superheat is extremely proud to report 3 consecutive years of ZERO Recordable Injuries spanning from 2019-2021. This achievement is not something we take lightly as we hold safety in the highest regard. We pride ourselves on our safe work practices and our technology innovations that has produced the safest heat treatment equipment available in the industry. We aim...

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Introducing Matt Richard, Area Manager for Corpus Christi

| Mar 2nd, 2022

Superheat believes the strength of our service is in our people and as such, we are thrilled to announce Matthew Richard as Area Manager for Corpus Christi. Matt, a 25 year local to the region, brings with him a wealth of experience and knowledge related to the welding industry, most notable his time spent as Director of...

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Superheat Leverages MagneMat’s on Large Overlay Scope in Western Canada Oil Sands

| Jan 25th, 2022

In the last quarter of 2021, Superheat once again had the chance to leverage our patented MagneMat’s on a large overlay scope at the Oil Sands in Western Canada. Utilizing MagneMat, our Oil Sands project group eliminated a whopping 50% of coker overlay set-up time and accompanied Non-destructive Testing (NDT) work. Great planning and implementation of this extraordinary new product played a large...

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Superheat’s Class I Nuclear QA Program Is Put To the Test in a Client Audit

| Jan 18th, 2022

Recently, Superheat put our Class I Nuclear QA Program to the test by having a Client Audit performed. We would like to thank AZZ for their in-depth evaluation of our Quality Assurance department, documents, and procedures. With enormous thanks to our Quality Department for their diligent efforts, no observations or findings were found throughout the duration of...

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